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Adao Design are experienced mobile website designers.  Our team is experienced at building websites which work perfectly with mobile smartphones and similar devices. (iPhone, iPad, Android etc)

Why does your business need to design for mobiles and portable devices?

>> Over 50% of total Internet connections are already enabled via mobile devices.
>> Rapid growth – by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.

With the continued growth of smartphones and tablets devices which enable the web on the go, it’s already essential to consider employing mobile website designers to optimize and customise the web experience for your customers.  A website which adapts to the user will provide much higher conversion and usability.  You company will also be able to use the more advanced GPS features and rank in the customised mobile Search Engine (e.g. Google Mobile Search).

Did you know that the Search results differ when somebody types from their mobile into a Google?

Customized mobile websites are given a preference in results.


The good news

It’s relatively cost effective to get your website designed to also display well on mobile devices.  Adao design are expert mobile website designers, creating websites that look great, convert and rank well on mobiles and tablets.

Prices start from £299 – contact Adao Design for more information

Article by David Ohandjanian

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