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What is it and how does it work?

The AMP project was created in mind of producing a faster browsing experience on mobiles. In this day and age people don’t feel like having a lot of spare time during the day. Implementing AMP onto sites helps everyone cut the browsing time by helping certain areas of site load “instantly”.

AMP pages are most commonly used on news articles and blog posts from a site. This means people can find information they are searching for a bit quicker. When searching on mobile Google will make sure you are aware of amp pages by listing search results with an AMP icon.

Westmead AMP comparison

Once the link is clicked on the page will load “instantly”. However you will notice that this isn’t usually how a webpage will look like. This is because AMP strips pages of complicated HTML so that only raw text and images are displayed (only the necessities).

How do you use AMP?

If you are working with wordpress, AMP implementation is as easy as installing a plugin and making a few style changes to make sure the pages are consistent with your brand.

WP plugin

AMP Plugin For WordPress –

For sites built on other content management systems (CMS) they will need a little more technical approach. However, with AMP’s own step by step guide you can easily amplify your own website in under an hour!

Step-by-step Guide to amplify your site –


What are the benefits of using AMP?

  1. Increased mobile page load time
  • As previously discussed AMP strips your pages to its most basic HTML so that people can load your site’s page “instantly”.
  • Research has shown that users will usually abandon a page if it does not load within 3 seconds. Using AMP ensures you aren’t losing visitors.

2. Improved Search Engine Ranking

  • Although AMP is not yet meant to be an independent ranking factor. Page load time and mobile friendliness of sites are. As a result websites that are developed or are using AMP can often be seen with higher ranking.
  • In addition to this, Google SERPs have also started to display AMP content within visually dominating carousels that include large images. This is an added benefit as it means people are drawn to your listing.SERP amp
    3. AMP User Analytics
  • Publishers can choose from two tags which will automatically track visitor data such as visitor counts, new vs. returning, clicks/conversions, video and link tracking and more4. AMP Is always Improving
  • AMP is open source and is constantly being improved by contributors as well as The AMP Project themselves


If you are interested in finding out more about The AMP Project visit their site

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