Ian Nunnally – Welcome to Adao*

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The Adao* team is growing and we rarely get chance to introduce our new team members to the world, so we thought that we’d write a quick blog post to introduce our newest team member Ian Nunnally. Qualifications? I am currently working towards a diploma in digital marketing, and have recently started preparing for my […]

Simple Google Plus Latest Post Widget

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During a recent site build, we were frustrated that there weren’t any simple Google Plus recent post feeds out there. So, we decided to create one ourselves! We are such a loving bunch of peeps that we thought we’d share it with you guys too. Firstly, you need to log into (and sign in if […]

Free Twitter PSD Template Download

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Download a free PSD template for Twitter Designing good looking Twitter backgrounds can be a real challenge with all of the different resolutions and elements to consider.  Trying to visualise everything in place and create a design that allows important details and elements to be visible to your Twitter followers can be difficult without using […]

Simple Twitter feed using the new API v1.1

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Since the introduction of the Twitter API v1.1, every existing Twitter feed has had to be replaced or rewritten. This was because they now require oauth for authentication. The previous Twitter feeds worked anonymously via javascript, which can no longer be done with the new API. D’oh! So we at Adao* decided we needed to […]

Google+ Businesses – How to Guide

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The following YouTube video has been created by Adao Design to help businesses register their own Google+ page.  Of course the Adao team is here  here to help. If you would like further help setting up or understanding the potential of Google+ pages, feel free to contact us.     Article by David Ohandjanian

Google+ is a must for your Business

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  Google+ The 30 second lowdown Google+ is a new Social Network launched by Google that is attempting to gain a significant percentage of Facebook traffic.  The basic principles of Google+ are very similar to Facebook but there are a few small differences that set the platforms apart. Most notable are both the ‘Circles’ and […]

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