The AMP Project – Accelerated Mobile Pages

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What is it and how does it work? The AMP project was created in mind of producing a faster browsing experience on mobiles. In this day and age people don’t feel like having a lot of spare time during the day. Implementing AMP onto sites helps everyone cut the browsing time by helping certain areas […]

Google Partners Premier Agencies Launch Party

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Adao has been selected as one of the top 5% of UK agencies by Google! On Thursday 8th September the Adao team made the trip down to London to attend the Google Partners Premier Premier Agencies Launch Party! What an evening we had! In true Google fashion not a single detail was overlooked, the cocktails were […]

The Impact of Google’s New Paid Search ad Layout on Organic Search

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Over the years, the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) have changed a lot. Features like news, images, videos and the Knowledge Graph have impacted the display, sorting and order of SERPs, dramatically impacting organic listings. With recent changes to the right side ads by Google (removing them all together). Google has now I introduced 4 ad placements at […]

Google Right Position Ads Have Been Removed

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Google has recently confirmed that from the 19th of February they will be removing all ad placements on the right hand side of their search results. According to ‘The media Image’, this change for Google has been worked on for a while and has been put through UI testing. Don’t worry mobile users you won’t […]

Ian Nunnally – Welcome to Adao*

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The Adao* team is growing and we rarely get chance to introduce our new team members to the world, so we thought that we’d write a quick blog post to introduce our newest team member Ian Nunnally. Qualifications? I am currently working towards a diploma in digital marketing, and have recently started preparing for my […]

Top ten strategies for your remarketing campaign

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Did you know that a remarketing campaign is almost a must have for any complete PPC marketing strategy? Essentially, remarketing is simply repeating your advertising to the potential customer that already had contact with your brand. Maybe it was your website, Facebook page or the specific e-commerce product page. The power of remarketing lies in […]

CSS Styles for IE10 and IE11 Only

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Adding IE10 and IE11 Specific Styles You may be aware that Internet Explorer 10 and newer no longer uses conditional comments. Why is this an issue? In the past, due to the inability to display web pages in a normal way, it has always been necessary to create a stylesheet which applied to Internet Explorer […]

Inspect Element on Safari on iPhone Mobile

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Ever been building a mobile optimised or responsive site – and been stuck on a rendering issue which only seems to happen on an actual mobile device? This can be rather annoying when you are trying to debug it on your desktop computer – sometimes you simply can’t replicate the problem. With their web browser […]

Simple Twitter feed using the new API v1.1

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Since the introduction of the Twitter API v1.1, every existing Twitter feed has had to be replaced or rewritten. This was because they now require oauth for authentication. The previous Twitter feeds worked anonymously via javascript, which can no longer be done with the new API. D’oh! So we at Adao* decided we needed to […]

Adding Custom HTML Email Signatures in OSX Mac Mail v6.5

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Here at Adao*, we love to make things as beautiful as possible. Our emails are no exception. We all have custom designed and built HTML signatures. An example of one of our email signatures is below:   So how have we added our custom HTML signature into Mac mail? It is quite a tricky process, […]

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