Ian Nunnally – Welcome to Adao*

Posted in: Hotel Internet Marketing, Infos, Mobile Websites, News, SEO, Social Media- Nov 09, 2015 No Comments

The Adao* team is growing and we rarely get chance to introduce our new team members to the world, so we thought that we’d write a quick blog post to introduce our newest team member Ian Nunnally. Qualifications? I am currently working towards a diploma in digital marketing, and have recently started preparing for my […]

Top ten strategies for your remarketing campaign

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Did you know that a remarketing campaign is almost a must have for any complete PPC marketing strategy? Essentially, remarketing is simply repeating your advertising to the potential customer that already had contact with your brand. Maybe it was your website, Facebook page or the specific e-commerce product page. The power of remarketing lies in […]

Enabling the new Google Analytics Demographics & Interest Reports

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Google Analytics have made some subtle adjustments in recent weeks. This includes reshuffling where certain reports are found in the menu in the left side bar, and renaming some also. One of these which has been effected is Demographics. Now, if you were to click on Audience > Demographics > Overview, you will most likely […]

Simple Google Plus Latest Post Widget

Posted in: Hotel Internet Marketing, Infos, Interesting Articles, Social Media- Sep 20, 2013 No Comments

During a recent site build, we were frustrated that there weren’t any simple Google Plus recent post feeds out there. So, we decided to create one ourselves! We are such a loving bunch of peeps that we thought we’d share it with you guys too. Firstly, you need to log into (and sign in if […]

Simple Twitter feed using the new API v1.1

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Since the introduction of the Twitter API v1.1, every existing Twitter feed has had to be replaced or rewritten. This was because they now require oauth for authentication. The previous Twitter feeds worked anonymously via javascript, which can no longer be done with the new API. D’oh! So we at Adao* decided we needed to […]

Setting Up Remarketing in Google Adwords

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Remarketing is a vital aspect for many clients running Adwords campaigns. It offers a cheap way of increasing brand awareness, as the CPC (cost per click) is often massively lower than standard text ads. It is called “remarketing” as it only serves adverts to those who have already visited your site with the code on. […]

Social Media Explained

Posted in: Hotel Internet Marketing- Aug 26, 2011 No Comments

Adao Design attended the local Rugby FSB Breakfast meeting today and enjoyed an informative presentation on social media for smaller businesses. It struck me how many different types of businesses each needing to make their own decisions and create a personalised strategy behind Social Media.  It can often be a very confusing world for the SME that […]

Hotel Internet Marketing 2.0

Posted in: Hotel Internet Marketing, Interesting Articles- Apr 10, 2011 Comments Off on Hotel Internet Marketing 2.0

As the global economy slowly recovers from the financial crisis, many hotels have emerged with stronger and more resilient Internet marketing strategies. Less expendable income meant that hotels had to seriously evaluate their Internet marketing activities. In order to survive, decisive action was needed. Underperforming mediums had to be axed or reemployed in successful ways […]

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